Through the Regional Youth Consultant we help to manage, coordinate and nurture the work of youth pastors, key youth leaders and youth work in their local communities across the region. This also includes nurturing a heart for mission as well as oversight of Easter Camp.  

Focuses and initiatives Include

Combined Worship Services
To see young people across Wellington passionate about worshipping God, involved in the creation of excellent and connected worship services and empowered to transform the world around them.

Leadership Development
Seeing leadership being effectively developed in every youth pastor/key leader and their leadership teams across Wellington. Not only do we run and promote leadership training events throughout the region, we also run an annual leadership development camp for young people.

Networking and Support of Youth Pastors
To see youth pastors and key leaders connected with one another, supported by one another and sharing resources. This includes a monthly networking breakfast for youth pastors and key leaders.

Pastoral Care
Providing mentoring, coaching and support for youth pastors and Key leaders to be well-cared for and healthy both spiritually and emotionally.

Consultancy and Direction
To help youth ministries thrive and fulfill their own vision.

To aim for every Baptist Church across Wellington to have a thriving youth ministry that develops life-long followers of Jesus.

Young Adults
To see young adult ministries across Wellington receiving support and resourcing. This also includes an annual camp for Young Adults.

To support and resource intermediate ministries across Wellington. We also run an annual Camp for intermediate ministries to bring their young people to.

Easter Camp
To connect young people to God, strengthen local youth ministries and empowering them to impact not only their communities but also the wider region and from there the world.